Monkey Go Happy - Stage 218 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 218

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Your dream sometimes tell you things you will encounter the next day. Sometimes you find it cool. Other times you find it creepy. Your dreams didn't really happen in real life. But there will be bits of it present that you can easily connect. There was a time you dreamed about a fire happening. You didn't tell anyone about it but you were already waiting for someone to mention something about fire. But it wasn't just a mere mention of the word fire since it really happened. It was early morning when the fire broke out. Your tried to remember the time you woke up immediately after the dream. Strangely enough it was around the same time as well. You also have pleasant dreams like visiting a ruined place and months after you find yourself in Cambodia. However, you still can't shake away the feeling of fear when you dream.

Last night, you have another dream. You were in a castle looking for a way out. You wake up the next morning shuddering at the thought when your friend rushed to your bedroom bearing news. You're to enter a world to search for happiness. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 218 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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