Monkey Go Happy - Stage 217 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 217

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You were happily listening to a song with the lyrics asking someone if he or she has a heart of stone. You were amazed at how the lyricists were able to come up with such lines. As you continued to listen, you saw your friend passed by your window. You immediately went to your window and stuck your head out. You called out to him but it seemed like he had his earphones on. So you went out of your house to follow him. He was going in the direction of the town hall. You slowed your pace as you knew what happened to those who went there. You slowly walked backwards hoping no one would see you. But then your friend turned around and called you loudly. The guards at the hall saw you and flashed a friendly smile. It looked friendly but you knew what they needed.

The guards started asking you questions and you just answered honestly. They both smiled and you thought you were off the hook. However, they led you to a room you were all too familiar. You stepped out of it and saw the stones you heard in the song that morning. Monkey Go Happy - Stage 217 is an adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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