Monkey Go Happy - Stage 201 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 201

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The missions kept on coming and your friends somehow got interested as well. You were back from your mission and had endless stories of your adventure there. At first your friends seemed not interested. But then you told them of the wondrous stuffs that could only be outside of your world. Their eyes lit up as you enumerated them. You could tell that they too wished to have experiences like yours. So you encouraged them to take on the vacant adventures. You might not be together in your journeys but you could bond over the stories after you return. You went your separate ways after talking to each not knowing you would take on the challenge. That night as you were about to go to sleep, your group chat became active. Your friends were all willing to go on their journeys.

You almost jumped out of your bed upon hearing the news. You smiled from ear to ear as you looked forward to the day of their return and the stories they'd be sharing. However, you would also be missing these monkeys during the days they were far away from you. So you made sure to be with them in the portal. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 201 adventure games by Pencil Kids.

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