Monkey Go Happy - Stage 198 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 198

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This was not the best place to be stuck in. You were so down that day that you just wanted to get away for a while. However, every place in your town had someone who knew you. They would start asking questions when they saw you quiet. And instead of feeling some peace and quiet, you'd just have to answer them. It was not that you wanted to stay away from every creature for the rest of your life. You simply wanted a break. Then you remembered your friend who worked in the mission place. He was the one to open the doors to a new world for the monkeys' adventures. Not everyone could experience the adventure anytime. Sometimes it was random. Other times it was scheduled. You knew it was close to impossible to have a trip just because you wanted it. But you still approached your friend.

Fortunately he was on a break and had a few minutes to spare. You told him everything he needed for him to decide. He just smiled at you and got back to his post. You thought it was just a good try. But then you felt the floor moved on its own towards the door to an adventure. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 198 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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