Monkey Go Happy - Stage 183 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 183

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You thought you were the weirdest creature in your world. There were some times when you were so bubbly and happy when you woke up. But ended up so depressed before lunchtime. Your friends found this amusing but you found it annoying. You didn't mean to be like this. It was like the emotions inside you were fighting to be shown all at once. But if you kept yourself busy with things that you love doing, you just end up forgetting about what you were feeling. Then at night, you'd be so tired to even think about being happy or sad. You'd just fall asleep easily. Still, you were hoping someone was feeling the same like you were feeling. But your friends were pretty good with hiding their emotions. So most of the time, you just wanted to be away for a while.

And your wish came true. There was a mission waiting for whoever wanted to replace the current mission goer. You had nothing better to do in your own world. You thought it would be a great chance for you to change your perspective. Upon arriving there, you immediately felt relieved to see creatures stranger than you like the little monkeys. But you still need to find a way to leave that world. So your mission to feel better began. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 183 adventure games by Pencil Kids.

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