Monkey Go Happy - Stage 177 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 177

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You were trying your luck with the rolled paper inside a jar. You could be exempted from doing any mission if you picked the right paper. Your friends chose to continue their education. While you wanted to start earning immediately. Your parents had no problem with it. They seemed to be interested in you helping with the expenses. So they let you do some work on an industry where you believe your passion lied. But since you skipped further education, you had to spend some time doing missions. These missions didn't really take a long time. Yet you still would have to suspend some of your activities to complete it. Add the fact that there were also weird locations for missions. You were the kind who didn't really enjoy the unfamiliar. And getting out there would be mean so many adjustments and possibly problems.

Your kind had the ability to transform. Your monkey sibling could skillfully control it. However, you were still learning your way around it. Sometimes you could transform into something you wouldn't be proud of. Just then, you heard the bell and saw your signal lit up. It was time for your mission. And with a cringe, you stepped into the new world. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 177 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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