Monkey Go Happy - Stage 173 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 173

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Those tiny monkeys were at it again. There were times when monkeys go on their second mission. It was not because they didn't do good on their first one. But it was because the tiny monkeys penetrated the control room once more. They weren't aware of the functions of the buttons there. They just enjoyed bouncing on them as they knew that it would take them to a different world. However, since they couldn't be on their own, one of you should always be with them. You were enjoying your free time at home when you heard the mission bell. Before your mission, you would always froze upon hearing it. But after your time in another world, you were confident it had nothing to do with you. The presence of the tiny monkeys couldn't assure you of the same meaning though.

Just when you were about to enjoy your lemonade, you transported to a different world. Your thoughts immediately went to those tiny creatures. You were pretty sure they were behind this as the controller wouldn't make such mistakes. However, you knew denying the situation wouldn't help. So you just had to undergo through it all again. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 173 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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