Monkey Go Happy - Stage 167 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 167

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For a while you thought your species stopped going to various worlds. You were inside your lab. Trying to figure out how to grow things or what to make took a lot of work. You had a lot of designs in mind. But it seemed like it was all you had. The designs just remained on paper as you were still busy studying on what to do after that. Exhaustion was looming over you. So you decided to just stop for a while and take some breath of fresh air outside. It had been a while since you stopped sitting on your lab. Then you heard some creatures clapping their hands and cheering for one of your colleagues. It seemed like he successfully finished his mission from the other world. You wanted to hear that kind of cheer as well but with the things you came up with.

After a few minutes, you went over to your friend who had just arrived. He told you of the adventures he had. And it somehow made you want to experience it as well. However, it would mean that you would have to leave your lab for a while. You thought about and submitted yourself for a mission of your own. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 167 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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