Monkey Go Happy - Stage 165 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 165

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The movie you saw had a scene where they rode a boat to an isolated island. The characters were trying to get away from magic. And they thought they would be safe if they stayed there. Unknown to the others, one of them had magic blood himself. You only saw until that part when you heard your mom calling you. She said the bus was already waiting and you could continue the movie when you return. It was a nice motivation. But all you could think of was that particular scene. You were facing the door to your mission location when a little spark appeared on the door. Your superior instructed you not to think too much. So you closed your eyes to clear your head. But what you saw was the boat the characters rode to reach the isolated island.

When you opened your eyes, it was what was before you. You were not sure if you would be happy or not. You didn't prepare for this kind of location. However, you felt excited to be working in this setting. You set your emotions aside to take in the place and at the same time get a start on your mission. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 165 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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