Monkey Go Happy - Stage 161 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 161

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You thought you saw an alien passing by. It was a dark and starless night. But you were pretty sure that the skies were clear. How it happened though, you couldn't really tell. It was a bit hot inside since summer was arriving. So you went out to have some cool and fresh air. The flower planted outside your home added a faint scent to the breeze. You totally enjoyed the moment and found a bench to sit on. You leaned your head back to get a closer look at the skies. It was starless and mysterious. You kept your head leaned back until you saw a light coming from somewhere. You looked around for a possible spotlight pointed to the skies. However, there was none. You kept on staring at the skies until you saw something whizzed by. Your mouth fell open at the sight.

Just when you thought it would just pass by, it came by again. But this time, it seemed like it was closer than before. You wanted to get inside your house but you just couldn't move. Suddenly, a very bright light appeared right before your eyes and you were zapped to a different place. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 161 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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