Monkey Go Happy - Stage 159 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 159

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You were awaken by a loud noise early in the morning. You looked out and it was still dark. The time on the clock showed it was one o'clock in the morning. You gently rubbed your eyes not really wanting the drowsiness to go away. After waiting for a couple of minutes for another sound, none came. So you climbed back to your bed to continue your paused sleep. The next morning, you woke up to a gloomy morning. The sky showing outside your window was gray. You just lied still for a few moments waiting to hear the wind or rain. But none of them could be heard. It wasn't even cold either. You wondered what was going on. You got up and went down to get out of your house. Strangely enough, you were not in your neighborhood anymore.

The whole place was gray and there were strange things as well. Then again, you saw the presence of the tiny monkeys which could mean you were just sent on a mission. You approached them to ask about what was going on. Yet the tiny monkeys just looked at you. You sighed as you picked them up one by one. So play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 159 adventure game by Pencil Kids and get back to your world.

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