Monkey Go Happy - Stage 158 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 158

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The little monkeys have done it again. You were sleeping peacefully in your house enjoying the weekend. You hoped to get enough sleep so you didn't have to be sleepy during the workdays. However, the noise outside your door was just unbearable. You knew your brother left early in the morning so he couldn't be making it. Likewise, you had no renovations scheduled for today. You weren't afraid of the noise but it was keeping your from sleeping more. You went towards the door when you heard the sound of the creatures outside. Sighing deeply, you just sat at your bed and hoped for them to go away. It was just way to early to deal with them. But it seemed like they had no plan of leaving and just kept on making a ruckus. You threw a pillow towards the door to distract them.

Then you had silence. At least for a couple of minutes. After they realized no more pillow was coming, they became noisy once more. This meant that you just had to get out there and deal with them. The moment you opened the door, the tiny creatures all jumped at you until their energy zapped you to a new place which you had to escape. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 158 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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