Monkey Go Happy - Stage 156 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 156

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The sun was shining brightly when you opened your eyes that day. You could likewise smell the butter melting on the pan as you thought of your mother cooking the pancake with it. Your senses were fully awake and you couldn't wait to start the day. You just felt like it would be such a blast. You looked out your window and saw the clouds gently passing by through the skies. A butterfly even passed by your line of sight. You laughed a little as you walked down the stairs for your breakfast. Everything was how you wanted it to be until you saw an envelop. It looked all too familiar as you saw your friends opening them with such worried faces. You looked around hoping to find the owner. But it was placed on your side of the table and it couldn't mean any other thing.

You asked your mother about it but she simply nodded. You were looking forward to this day but you weren't expecting it to happen that day. The sun continued to shine brightly as you went to the location of your transportation. The moment you stepped out of the door, the rain lashed at you signaling the start of your mission. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 156 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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