Monkey Go Happy - Stage 147 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 147

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The little monkeys realized that it was already Christmas. This was their favorite season and they couldn't wait to be out of their house. However, this worried the old ones. They'd just cause trouble to wherever they might want to be. So they kept a close eye on the little ones. Then the mission siren sounded. You were looking at how they were taking care of the little ones when your name was called. You instantly went into the office to receive your mission. This didn't surprise you anymore. You were ready enough to leave your place for a while. And work on what was given to you. You pass by the little ones before leaving. Somehow, you felt bad for them. Just like them, you really wanted to see the Christmas season. So you made a little accident which let them out of their house.

You immediately entered the door to a new world. They were following you and you thought you could easily handle them. But they turned out to be too much that your smile slowly turned upside down. However, no matter what you were feeling, you needed to bring them back with you after your mission. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 147 room escape game by Pencil Kids.

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