Monkey Go Happy – Stage 146

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You were quite excited to be picked for the mission in this season. You’ve heard a lot about snow but have yet to experience it. So when you heard you’d be leaving soon, you couldn’t help but be extremely happy. Your parents and friends were looking quite uneasy though. You asked them about their long faces. They replied that you may find it hard to navigate through the cold and snow. But you tried to erase the worry from their faces. And promised them that you’d do good. Yet as you moved away from them to see your superior, what they said stirred in your mind. You may indeed have a hard there. However, you strongly believed you’d passed. So you went to see your superior with a smile on your face and a renewed strength in your heart. Your superior couldn’t help but feel proud already.

You stepped in front of the door and got hold of the handle. It was already cold. And you knew it would be colder once you were on the other side. Then again, you had to accept your current situation to move on and perform your mission. Play Monkey Go Happy – Stage 146 adventure game by Pencil Kids.