Monkey Go Happy - Stage 144 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 144

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You're thinking because it's Christmas season, the missions will stop coming in for a while. But the missions just come in like in any ordinary day. You can't believe that it's happening. You're starting to feel bad for those who will have to go for their mission at this time. However, after learning that you're the one to go, you feel even worse. A few days before leaving for the mission, you asked your friends to have some time with you. You wanted to know how they feel about you leaving for a while. You were expecting to hear some words that could move your heart. What you heard instead were words of jokes. They said it was not that bad to be on a mission. At least you'd be through earlier. You thought about what they said and you felt better afterwards. Now you're looking forward to it.

You also learn that during this season, you may be able to bring home some freebies. You can't help to start your journey and maybe get a taste of the Christmas treats while you're away. Then again, you know you should also focus on the task at hand that you will receive on the location. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 144 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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