Monkey Go Happy - Stage 143 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 143

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You were very happy when your friend went on a mission in the middle of the year. The weather was quite good back then and you were really hoping to follow him. However, after a few weeks of waiting for your turn, you weren't called. So you looked for something to do while waiting for your turn. As part of your preparation, you went around and asked those who were likewise preparing for their turn. You heard a lot of tips from them. But some were just too hard to follow. Then you thought of just relaxing for a while as you won't be able to do so when your mission came. But as you were about to lay down on your yard, a messenger came. You looked at what he was holding and you couldn't hide your anxiety. You were expecting it for a long time.

But now that it had arrived, you were wondering if you were ready. You gathered up your things to proceed to the location. Then the officer gave you a hint. You weren't able to process what he said. And when you went out, a snow storm greeted you. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 143 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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