Monkey Go Happy - Stage 138 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 138

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The next monkey to go out was you. A few days before your mission, you were already having some premonitions. However, you never told anyone about it. One because you didn't want them to worry. And two, you wished it wouldn't happen now as you still had some other plans. But when your name appeared, there was no escaping it. If you thought about it carefully, it wasn't that bad. You knew you'd be out of the mission anyway. But it was the thought of having to undergo all of it that must be freaking you out. Then again, despite all these thoughts, you walked towards the door leading you to a new world. Your heart dropped when you saw the metallic features of the place. It would've been better if you were somewhere outside where you can see so much.

Yet you would just have to work with this place. Being down and not doing anything about wouldn't make things better and easier. So you pushed yourself to move and just find your way around. You felt like you were going in circles. But you knew it was better than just staying put. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 138 adventure games by Pencil Kids.

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