Monkey Go Happy – Stage 137

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The lists of the monkeys who’d go the missions got all mixed up. You didn’t know you’d be the next in line. So you spent your time wandering around the tiny monkeys. You knew you’d be dealing with them soon. Then from the speakers around your area, you heard your name. You instantly entered the office to confirm the announcement. You were excited. And at the same time worried. The tiny monkeys weren’t even able to tell you a tip on how to collect all of them. You heard from the previous mission goers that they managed to receive some help from the tiny ones before leaving. So this made you a bit worried. Yet you knew you couldn’t back out of this. You simply needed to strengthen your self to get to the end of the mission successfully. The tiny monkeys would be themselves anyway.

You arrived at your location and you already spotted some of the tiny ones. Your spirit was up until you couldn’t find the others after a few minutes. Tears were starting to form on your eyes when the tiny one inside your bag cheered you on. This gave you the strength to push through the mission. Play Monkey Go Happy – Stage 137 adventure game by Pencil Kids.