Monkey Go Happy - Stage 136 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 136

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After spending a lot of time in the library, you found information about the royal soldiers of the past. Originally, the assignments were made for them. But each one of you were taking part in it now. However, as time went by, the need for royal soldiers vanished. The monarchy of your place vanished. And everyone had to do the task. You thought it was just for the training of the citizens. It turned out it played a vital role in your past. You wondered however, why did the royal soldiers disappeared. And are they any of their relatives here who could tell you the wondrous battles they had faced? You were thinking about all these stuffs when you saw a picture fell from the book. Then you looked at the picture and you felt like you knew one of them. So you turned the picture over.

There you saw the name of your great great grandfather. He was one of the royal soldiers. Just as you were about to ask the librarian about the book, you heard your name called. And your time to take on the exercise came. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 136 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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