Monkey Go Happy - Stage 135 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 135

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You saw one rebellious monkey free the tiny monkeys without following the schedule. You knew very well that the elders wouldn't appreciate it and it would just put the tiny ones in trouble. However, it was too late for you to stop him. You were on the other side of the building when you saw him. And even if you shouted or ran towards him, you wouldn't be able to put a stop to his actions. He was against the monkeys going out on a mission one by one. But you knew that it was just for the good of the monkeys. Each one of you needed to take part in this exercise to make sure that you'd know how to face challenges. Yet you also knew that not everyone would understand the reason behind all these especially if they didn't want to.

The only thing you could do for now was to take on the challenge. You already finished your time but you were willing to take on the challenge once more for the whole community. The elders were against this at first, but no one was more ready than you were. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 135 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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