Monkey Go Happy - Stage 133 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 133

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Your leader sends you to a new mission. It seems like the tiny monkeys are used to train all of you. So once more they are out and about in some other places. And you have collect them all for you to be back. But before going back, you'll face some people that'll need your help. You find yourself in a tower with vines on it. This reminds you of the story of Rapunzel. Someone's waiting at the bottom and you're expecting that a princess is somewhere up there. You're not a fan of some cheesy story lines but you can't help but be a part of it for now. You try to ask the man waiting at the bottom on ways to get up. But he's just staring up at the tower. So you have to find your own way around.

Looking around, you see a dagger and use it to get inside. The inside of the tower has more puzzles and a lady is waiting up there. But she won't go down with you unless you give what she needs. So you make a couple of trips up and down the tower to complete this mission. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 133 adventure games by Pencil Kids.

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