Monkey Go Happy - Stage 126 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 126

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You found yourself in a strange world where you have to find the little monkeys. These little monkey are as lovable as they can be. However, they can be extremely mischievous. They like running around and hiding in many places where you thought they can never be. You don't know how but they somehow find their way to follow you in this world. The moment you see one of them, you instantly feel the dread. They are hyper and can bounce around just anywhere. And the thing is, you can't go home until you find all of them. You're getting close to tears as you don't want to stay in this strange place. Add to that that you don't want to stress yourself over these little monkeys as well. But you don't have much choice but to find all of them. Then again, it isn't a breeze.

You need to interact with a lot of things and even face strangers. You can't deny that you find so much fun from this as well. Yet when you remember the consequence of not completing the little monkeys, you're always closer to tears. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 126 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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