Monkey Go Happy - Stage 123 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 123

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Another day, another chance to make someone happy. As a part of the monkey family, you have to help the other monkeys to feel happy. You heard that there is a sad monkey in the village so you went to him. You don't want anybody in this village sad so you will do anything to make him happy. The thing is, he feels sad because he can't solve the puzzle that he has to solve. This sounds like another adventure for you. You have to help him to do that. However, solving those puzzles is not quite easy. Those are hard puzzles so you will need clues. Not only that, you also have to collect items along the way that can help you out. On the good news, those clues are just around the corner so those hard puzzles might come easy for you.

You don't want to prolong his agony so you have to do this as soon as possible. Monkey Go Happy - Stage 123 the newest stage of this adventure game made by Robin Vencel for Pencil Kids. Play this exciting point n' click game and use your logic to solve all the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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