Monkey Go Happy - Stage 122 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 122

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You can say that your happiness is genuine if you can share it to others. So, you went out of your house to have a little adventure. You want to share that happiness with as many creatures as you can. While you were walking along the road, there is something that caught your attention. A big red monster is in a cage and he looks so sad. So, you came up to him to ask what's wrong. He said that he's been there for days and he doesn't know how to get out. This marks your first mission. You have to make the big red monster happy and help him to escape from the cage. However, that is not as easy as you think it is.

There are so many puzzles that you can to solve before you can let him out. But if that is what will make him happy, then you are down. You have to move around and look for clues that can help you to solve those puzzles. You can also collect items which you think that can help you out. Monkey Go Happy - Stage 122 is another stage of the exciting adventure game made by Pencil Kids. Have fun!

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