Monkey Go Happy - Stage 118 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 118

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You are happily walking on the street when you saw a lonely pirate. You know how it feels to be lonely. Because of this, you went to him and asked him what's wrong. Then, he said that he's struggling to find the treasure chest. Despite of the long adventure, he still can't find it and it makes him lonely. His story touched your heart and this also made you feel so sad. With this, you knew that you have to help him to complete his adventure. However, looking for the treasure chest isn't really that easy. There are lots of puzzles that you have to solve along the way. And since he doesn't know where the chest is, you have to gather clues and hints that can lead you to where that treasure is.

You don't want anyone to feel sad so have to do your best to help him. Seeing him happy would also make you happy. Therefore, you have to be quick and use your logic to solve this puzzle as soon as puzzle. Monkey Go Happy - Stage 118 is another adventure game made by Robin Vencel for Pencil Kids. Play this point n' click adventure game and make one less lonely monkey in the world. Good luck!

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