Monkey Go Happy - Four Worlds Game

Monkey Go Happy - Four Worlds

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As a monkey, all your life you thought you would remain in the forest. And you should have remained in the forest. However, after a mysterious meteor shower, everything changed. You couldn't really see the changes that took place. But you would only get to know about them when you touched some affected things. There were some things around the forest that could transport you to different worlds. These might hold some of the remains of the worlds the meteor had passed through. Although it may sound wonderful and amazing. It could also turn out to be terrifying as you wouldn't know what to expect in the world you'd visit. You had just heard about these stories from your elders. But you couldn't be sure if they were really true. Sometimes you thought they were just some lunatics who knew when to be crazy at the right time.

Yet you wanted to prove their claims. So everyday, you would explore the forest and touch everything you could. You didn't know if you were ready for an adventure. However, you were sure that you wanted to see worlds other than where you were at the moment. Play Monkey Go Happy - Four Worlds adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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