Monkey Go Happy - Four Worlds 2 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Four Worlds 2

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You were able to return to your own world after a lot of time exploring the new world. It may had taken a lot of your time but you definitely enjoyed the new stuffs you experienced. The creatures in your own world worried about you. However, all were stunned to see you smiling happily. Instead of asking you about your adventures, they slowly moved away from you. You can sense that they thought you were crazy. It made you a bit sad but you knew that they would be able to adjust to you sooner or later. So you bought a notebook to write your crazy adventures in. While you were writing, you remembered all the things you did. You suddenly felt lonely being in your own world that you started to dream about the other worlds you could visit.

You fell asleep on your notebook until the morning. And the moment your eyes opened, your determination immediately peaked. After freshening up, you took out your adventure bag and headed out to the forest. You immediately started your search on other mysterious things that you would bring you to other worlds. Play Monkey Go Happy - Four Worlds 2 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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