Monkey Escape (8b Games)

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Marga’s friend brought her a present a week ago and it’s the one she always wanted but could never seem to get, and that was a monkey! Marga have been always trying to get one but legalities are all the time blocking her from having so. But this one has every paperwork and it’s legal, that means it is hers to keep. Marga was very thankful to her friend here, but she did not expect of this present that’s why she housed it in her house for a few days to see its temperament and my, the creature was hyperactive. Well it’s a good thing she has a farmhouse just out of town and she decided to bring it there.

Marga was about to leave with her super-active pet but there was a problem though, for she could no longer open the door where her pet was and now, it is in a way trapped in there! Marga have no idea how it got locked, she is pretty sure her monkey pet doesn’t know how to fiddle with knobs yet, but it seems that is a likely explanation. Escape players, this is a problem for Marga now for she can’t really leave with her monkey, for he was the actual reason why she’ll leave today so she can bring him to the farm. Will you be able to help here then so that the monkey can be let out of there safely?

Monkey Escape is a brand new point and click indoor animal rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Monkey Escape (8b Games)

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