Mongol Warrior Escape

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The Mongols have been to a lot of battles conquering lands, but even then not everyone in their army strives and lives for this, destroying and pillaging, ruining way of lives. One of them was not of similar mind from the rest, that’s why this individual decided to live alone in a house in the wilderness. Even though he is living alone there though, he still receives help from his fellow Mongol warrior and it comes from this one guy named Tak.

Tak delivers food at times and water secretly, for if one of their chiefs find-out what he is doing, they’ll definitely get into some serious trouble. But that day as Tak comes again however, he found-out that his friend was already in trouble! Tak sees the beautifully decorated house of his friend, but as he approached it however he hears the cry for help from him! Tak immediately rushed for it could be that their own people have finally caught-up to them, well actually he is just trapped in there for he accidentally jammed his doors! Tak can breathe easily then for their safety is still good, but not for his friend though and he still needs to rescue him. Escape players, want to help Tak here help his friend who was once a a great warrior?

Mongol Warrior Escape is another new point and click house rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Mongol Warrior Escape

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