Mole Rescue From House Game

Mole Rescue From House

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Mole Rescue From House is brand new point and click escape game released by Games 2 Jolly for a daring rescue in the wilderness. Have Fun!

The entire wilderness near the village is wide and there's absolutely nothing there but wild animals and poisonous plants, but as Jeremy ventured into it though to look for firewood and a few plants which are essential for humans, he found something which he didn't thought he'd find. At first he found a set of houses and he never really thought there actually people who have the guts living here, but they weren't good people though as Jeremy examines the area in the shadows.

As Jeremy creeps into the place, he found random wooden things at first and some other stuff which looks normal, there are also people but as Jeremy knows they are not friendly, for they look like poachers and judging from what they caught, they mainly target exotic creatures which are endemic in this area. One of the creatures that they caught which Jeremy can see was this Mole inside a cage, he never even realized that there actually moles here, but because one is trapped right-there then that means it came from here and it could be one of those rares in this wilderness. Jeremy waited for a few minutes when the poachers said they'll leave for another hunt, this is his chance to finally rescue the mole and it's definitely going to be dangerous. Escape players, Jeremy here is going to try and rescue the trapped mole, care to try the animal rescue as well and see if you can make it without much confrontation? Good luck then and stay alert.

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