Modular Kitchen Escape Game

Modular Kitchen Escape

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Modular Kitchen Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Genie Fun Games for another fun escape adventures with us. Best of luck!

Jasmine felt a grumble in her stomach suddenly and she knows just the thing to cure it, she went into her huge kitchen which had different rooms with different functions and there she cooked something delicious to please her hunger. As she went into her kitchen she thought, what would she even whip-up? Because she just moved-in, her fridge still has a few things that are ready to eat, maybe it's also time to buy some food-stuff for it, so she proceeded to her kitchen door so she can leave to buy some but unfortunately, there she realized there was actually a weird problem.

Jasmine is alone in the house at the moment, which means nobody could have locked the kitchen door for she could not open it! Jasmine tried her best but she doesn't wanna destroy for it's quite expensive. Something weird is going-on here and she really thinks that it's easy to escape from here for her kitchen doesn't seem to be a place that would really trap someone. Escape players, care to check-out the kitchen escape adventure with Jasmine and see if you can all escape the huge kitchen and find-out what's really going-on? Go ahead then everyone, enjoy!

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