Modish House Escape Game

Modish House Escape

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Check this escape out for fun from a luxurious house. Modish House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Genie Fun Games. Have Fun everyone!

There were a lot of selections of houses at the resort and Curtis was thinking carefully of what kind of house he will be staying in. All of the affordable rooms have now been taken and luckily, Curtis has some extra money for the only free ones are the luxurious and huge houses. He took it and at the moment, he is reaping the beautiful house's benefits from the food in the fridge and the comforts of the sofas, everything was good until Curtis missed something and because of that, it got him in trouble.

Curtis could not get himself out of the luxurious house and weirdly the phone which he used to call for help seems to be down, that makes the situation extra hard. Escape players, Curtis is going to try and find his way out of the luxurious house for there must another way out of the place, care to join him and see if you can all escape the huge and luxurious resort house? Go and try then everyone, Good luck on this attempt and enjoy!

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