Modish Hamster Escape

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Willard was the rodent expert in the town, even though he is an exterminator and a trapper, he still has rodent pets and his favorite ones are his hamsters. One of which is this overly joyous hamster of his and really it just makes his day especially when he is tired after a hard day of work. He cherishes this one hamster which was very different from the rest, he sometimes lets the little thing go out to play to stimulate its mind together with some of its kind, with of course under his watchful eye. But even though he is most of the time there, something still happened to this hamster of his and really Willard became very uneasy!

Willard could not find this hamster of his anymore in its cage and from there he just took-off looking for it. He had already reached outside now and he is even more concerned, that’s because his pet is a prey item and is quite delicate, just about anything can catch it from birds to predatory animals. Willard is not resting now until he finds his hamster, will you help him escape players? For right-now he is still positive that his hamster is very much alive.

Modish Hamster Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 4 King.