Modish Bathroom Escape Game

Modish Bathroom Escape

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William cleaned his entire kitchen that day, now it's time to clean himself for all the dirt and germs are on him now. And so he got ready but somehow as he was about to start, he noticed something as he saw that he forgot his phone outside, he noticed when he tried his door it seems he couldn't get it to open! William was confused for he is currently alone at home for his fiance is at work and there is no way somebody would prank him there. Maybe there is something happening and whatever that is he needs to find-out what for this is his home, but first he needs to escape from the bathroom there.

William is currently having a bit of a problem now for his bathroom was empty, well empty of the tools he needs to pry open his door that is, he needs to think outside of the box for there is nobody he can rely on but himself. Escape players, how will you do this escape then if you are William? Will your skills and logic be enough for this? Go ahead and try then, make use of everything you can find in the room to escape.

Modish Bathroom Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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