Modern Wood House Game

Modern Wood House

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Erica is in the luxurious living-room showroom that day and everything there was in wooden concepts. The place was absolutely great and it has the purpose of giving the people ideas of the concepts that they are going to put in their home, of course there is a fee to visit but it's worth it. Erica visited the place for she planned to add an extension to her living-room and because she was not very imaginative, she wants to just see a room there so she can really feel and memorize it. And so that day, she is selecting the best designs among the rooms there and somehow she is getting her picks and taking some pics. But there was a problem now for Erica ventured in deeper in the place and as a result, she got lost in there!

Erica called for some help but she saw that the place was big and somewhat closed on some rooms, her sound couldn't possible reach anybody there. Looks like Erica needs to solve this one until she can find someone that can help her there. Escape players, come and help Erica here and give it a shot too if you can escape from the place.

Modern Wood House is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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