Modern Living Room Escape Game

Modern Living Room Escape

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The luxurious house which you built seems to be more modern than you expected, well that's because you just got trapped inside it and you are now sitting in your living-room thinking about what you need to do! A different person had set the security system here and no matter how hard you called for him to get some help, you seem to be having some difficulty trying to contact him! Looks like that guy is pulling a prank on him, but that's scary knowing that he can control your house now any time he wants, well you need to find-out what's going-on first and then deal with it after.

Escape players, first you must escape the house and there is more ways than one on how you can do that, knowing that your house is big then there are more passages to escape from the place. Use all the objects you can find and manipulate locks so you can open them, be ready for what's to come next though, for there could be more that's coming.

Come and test your escape skills and logic here everyone! Modern Living Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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