Modern Gym Escape (Online Gamez World) Game

Modern Gym Escape (Online Gamez World)

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This is the most amazing gym in town. This gym uses modern methods and equipment so you choose to work out in here. You felt fit in just few hours are you so happy about it. You feel like you can compete for a body building competition but in exchange of this good service is your pay check. When you were on the checkout counter, the staff said that you have to pay a hundred dollars for your stay here in this gym. That is way too much but you can't complain because the instructors are staring at you. They really have big builts and they can knock you out in just a second. Because of that, you have to find a way to escape from this modern gym. You might not use your body but your logic is very important in here.

The good news is, there are so many items in this gym that you can use to escape. In addition to that, there are also clues around the room. You have to escape until everyone is busy with their muscles. Modern Gym Escape (Online Gamez World) is the newest room escape game by Online Gamez World. Best of luck!

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