Modern Fireplace Christmas Escape Game

Modern Fireplace Christmas Escape

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Christmas is coming but even though winter doesn't real come to the country where Drew lives, the weather still changed, it is colder now especially at night. That day, it was much colder for there was some thick cloud-cover which wouldn't seize, that made the temperature drop but Drew was peachy, for his house is cozy and he just sat in his living-room there making himself comfortable. Drew is still planning what to do that day for he doesn't have any errands. He decided maybe he'll arrange some files in his study room for there are a lot of papers there that needs to be fixed. But as he was about to do so he first wanted to get some fresh cold air, that is when he realized the problem unfortunately.

Drew could not open his doors and he was confused why he couldn't open it. After a while of trying, it eventually turned into a bigger problem for not only he cannot open the door, some of the doors in the house would not open as well! Drew is locked inside his own house now and worst for he doesn't know what in the world is going-on! Escape players, will you help Drew here escape from his house by finding-out and solving whatever is jamming it? This could be a Christmas prank from his friends, well then the more he needs to solve this now.

Modern Fireplace Christmas Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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