Modern Conference Room Escape Game

Modern Conference Room Escape
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The building here is mostly packed for days on end, almost everyday a conference is being undertaken, that's why there are a lot of conference rooms constructed there in one floor big and small. But that day however, it was the only day that there won't be any meetings because the higher-ranking officers have all been invited to a party, most of the employees there have the day off as well. Thomas didn't have nothing to do at home though, so he asked his superior's permission to do a half-day at work just to finish some stuff, he wasn't allowed to stay there for longer so his typical work hours was cut in half.

Thomas gathered all the left paper-works from the conference rooms as the last task he'll do before he leaves, but something happened though and the bottom-line was he couldn't get himself out of the rooms! Thomas have no idea what happened, he just went in the conference rooms and now he couldn't for the doors would not open. Escape players, this seems to be a simple escape adventure, want to try it as well with Thomas and see if you can help him escape even from the entire office?

Modern Conference Room Escape is the newest point and click complex escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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