Modern Clinic

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Jun was always staying with you until late if you still have some patients that needed immediate attention. However, you felt bad for him for having to wait for a long time. You never asked him to but he was always present to keep you company. You tried talking to him so he wouldn’t bother to stay and wait for you. But he would find a way to keep the conversation off that topic. He would make sure that you locked up properly before leaving the clinic. It seemed like he was being too nice and considerate. You felt like you should be the same to him. Yet your temper was always short and you always had him to absorb your negative energies. You thought it would take such a short time before he would decide not to see you again. He still didn’t leave though.

So you took your desperate measure. You made him feel very bad that he wouldn’t want to see you again. It seemed like your strategy worked as he wasn’t around for a few nights. But one night you suddenly realized the impact of his presence when you weren’t able to get out of the clinic. Play Modern Clinic room escape game by First Escape Games.