Modern Classic House Escape Game

Modern Classic House Escape

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Your friend owned a store inside one of the biggest malls in your area. He was from a rich family and he made good use of their old stuffs. Using what he learned in college, he refurbished their stuffs in his studio. He could get along without earning money for himself. But he found it boring to just sit around. So he focused on making elegant and chic stuffs. You were one of his greatest fan and he was always glad to have you around. Sometimes he would even let you design your own furniture. You really enjoyed your time with him. But in turn, you had to perform some errands for him. You never minded since you simply enjoyed what you do. You had to visit a modern classic house. This was one of the locations for his furniture.

You had to make sure that the place was ready for the things. So you went there and looked around. The owner let you inside to check the house yourself. It was pretty amazing inside. You even wondered what was the use of the other furniture. You were about to ask the owner but he was already outside. But you couldn't follow him there. Play Modern Classic House Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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