Modern Car Garage Escape Game

Modern Car Garage Escape

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This isn't the first time you parked your car in your friend's garage. You've been here a lot of time. And you never had a problem until now. You're planning to leave the place early as you still have some work to do at home. However, getting home is such a challenge. You can't find any open way for you to exit. You try to call your friend but even the phone reception is not available. Then you look for some CCTV cameras hoping to attract the attention of the person who monitors. But despite your effort, no one comes to the garage. So you wait for the other owners of the car. They may have informed the management about this problem already. But after half an hour, still there is no sign of help coming. And you decide to work on the situation yourself.

You walk around the area hoping to spot something that'll give you a clue on what to do. Then you see some stuffs around. You're trying to make sense of them when you think you see a figure darting away. You blink a couple of times then go back to what you're doing. Someone might be waiting outside but clearing things out still looks muddy. Play Modern Car Garage Escape room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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