Modern Apartment House Escape Game

Modern Apartment House Escape

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The apartment Theodore has here is like a house and is actually spacious and modern, one wouldn't even see it as an apartment but a luxurious house. Theodore even made it more beautiful for he installed designs and complementing colors and it really fits with everything! He is very proud of what he had achieved, but the apartment was far from perfect however, in fact it even did something quite weird for Theodore was not able to get himself out of the place for the doors would not open no matter how he tried!

Theodore also checked some of the exits in his place and those too would not open. Theodore thought of every possible thing that might have caused this, from pranks and even from damaged doors but none of these seem to fully explain the situation, still Theodore will solve this for this is his home and he'll make it better no matter what. Escape players, how will you do this if you are faced with the same situation as Theodore's? Come and try this then! Use the best of your skills and logic in-order to solve this mysterious challenge.

Modern Apartment House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games.

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