Modeling Girl House Escape Game

Modeling Girl House Escape

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Some go-sees were better than others. But you couldn't really tell if the one at the modeling girl house was good or not. You were lying in your bed watching the sunrise through the window. Just then, a text message came in. It was from your handler asking you to prepare for a go-see. You had your portfolio cleanly stacked on your desk ready whenever you needed them. You recently finished a show but your handler wanted you to appear more. So you got up and waited for her to arrive. She drove the van full of clothes you might be needing. You were always thankful for her. It seemed like she already knew the events that would unfold that she always came prepared. She handed you your schedule for the day as you head out to the location. The drive there was a quiet one.

She wasn't always like this so you asked her about it. However, as she was about to answer, you reached the house. It was a very beautiful and huge place. The model in you was already thinking of some poses that would go perfectly well with the venue. Yet your handler asked the photographer to have a word with her first. You finished enjoying the scene but you couldn't leave. Play Modeling Girl House Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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