Moana Rooster Heihei Escape

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Moana has a newly created house there and it’s taller than her previous one, now she can watch the sea just from her window daily. That day you will be visiting her for as her close friend in the tribe you always check on her, but you were busy recently so you haven’t been able to. But that day you will and that’s thankfully for Moana not just because you are visiting, but there was actually a problem there and she needs help!

Everybody is familiar with Moana’s silly rooster which was Heihei, this skinny chicken is funny and weirdly resistant to everything that has happened to it. But right-now he needs help, for he is trapped in a room there in the house and Moana is having a hard time trying to get him out. Okay, you are definitely going to help your friend here, for she needs it now and what are friends for? Escape players, you will be playing as the friend of Moana here and rescuing Heihei is the task at hand. Will you be able to get him out?

Moana Rooster Heihei Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Moana Rooster Heihei Escape

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