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Mlp Filly Escape

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You were on a journey to a place where you'll discover about your past. You had been living like a stranger to the world ever since you got your memory back. So you were trying your best to regain as much information as you can. But you were not alone in your journey. You had your friend Filly always there to accompany you. She liked every bit of adventure the two of you were having. Although sometimes, she could get ahead of herself. She would go way ahead of you to check the situation but she ended up way too far. Instead of focusing on your search for the past, you would spend your time searching for her instead. However, you'd rather always find her than be alone. At least your journeys were more eventful than it would have been when you were alone.

And just like your previous journeys, Filly was once more not around. She was with you when you entered a stranger's house to look around. But she walked alone somewhere and you couldn't find her no matter how many times you called. This gave you the hint that she may be stuck somewhere. Play Mlp Filly Escape room escape game by Avm Games.

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