Mission Escape – Ranch

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What do people in the ranch know about spies? You mumble to yourself as you think it’s quite stupid for you to be here. You’re a super spy. Complicated and dangerous missions are your cup of tea. But you’re here stuck in a ranch where most of the people don’t even care about your mission. So you’re just walking around without even trying to hide your identity. You know nobody is interested in who you are. But still, you tend to stay away from people as much as possible. You never know, maybe they’re just other spies who are better actors than you. You sigh as you feel the heat of the sun in this barren and simple place. Just then, you notice some people who seem to talk behind your back. You look back but there aren’t any people around. So you continue walking forward.

A few meters away from where you’ve been, you once again hear some voices. It’s bothering you but you don’t know how to stop it. Just then you hear someone speaking near your ear. And you realize that your team placed a communication device on you. After seeing you just going about leisurely, they decided to give orders to you. So now, you have to look around the place and do what they ask of you. Play Mission Escape – Ranch outdoor escape game by Mouse City.