Mission Escape - Pet Shop Game

Mission Escape - Pet Shop

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When a dog was giving birth, you're also somewhere near doing your mission. You're such a pet lover that you took a few minutes away from your mission to play with puppies. But you weren't. You were done with your mission regarding a microchip. The puppies truly caught your attention and you didn't want to leave. However, you're still doing your mission and you need to finish it. So you walked away from the puppies back to the headquarters. Before making any reports, you want to verify the things you have. Everything you acquired were present except for the microchip. Then you remembered the puppies you petted before leaving the venue. You came back to check on the puppies, but they were no longer there. You felt so disappointed for not being able to find the puppies there.

The neighbors informed you that you'll find the puppies in the city. The pet shops will be selling them. Fortunately, they knew the name of the shop. Then again, you can't just barge in and look for the puppies one by one. So you surveyed the pet shop first and their animals. You used detectors to detect the chip and it was inside or somewhere on the puppy. Play Mission Escape - Pet Shop room escape game by Mouse City.


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