Mission Escape Gym

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Summer is almost here. This just means that you have to bring out your super bod so you can flaunt it on the beach. However, you must not forget the horrible fact that you ate too much for the entire year. You crossed out the word “diet” on your vocabulary so the results are the flabs on your body. Because of this, you have to be healthy again and go to the gym. This is the only way to build up your muscles that you want to show off this summer. You are so ready and your determination is unquestionable. However, that was only true for your first few minutes in the gym. Your session is very intense plus your gym trainer is very strict. You wish to let go of your dream abs and go back home and watch tv instead.

However, this is not what your trainer wants you to do. He wants you to finish the program but you can’t go any longer. You really have to go so you have to find a way to sneak out. There are clues and hints which can help you out. Play this brand new room escape game from Selfdefiant for Mouse City and complete the Mission Escape Gym. Have fun!